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Here you will find all the administration necessary for your journey.

 Foundation Expedition - Svalbard Exploration

For those paying their way or having attended Warrior Selection please apply for the leg of your choice

All of our expeditions are filmed and photographed and this gives us permission to use your image and story.

Essential that you keep this up-to-date with your next of kin contact details

If you have any dietary requirements, do let us know in plenty of time.

Global Warrior overview brochure.

Please read and sign on booking your leg of our explorations.

Funding Application

The deadline has passed for 2023 - look out for 2024

Please find a full list with compulsory items which need to be purchased from BASECAMP

  • Do I need experience of sailing to participate?
    No. You can be a complete novice. You will be trained in everything that makes you a competent member of the crew and subject to you reaching the required level you will be certificated under the STCW syllabus.
  • Can I choose more than one leg of the #Reslolute Expedition?
    Yes you can, although you will either have to pay more or raise the funds through sponsorship. Those applying for a funded place will have their leg chosen for them.
  • Health-wise what would make me unsuitable?
    I'm afraid the expedition is both physically and mentally demanding and therefore any such issues will make you unsuitable. You must be able to climb a 2 metre vertical ladder (on the side of the Linden).
  • When are the deadlines for 2024?
    Applications for financial support must be submitted before February 28th. Payment for your leg of the expedition has to be complete by 1st April.
  • Are there any age restrictions?
    You have to be an adult - i.e. 18 years old to take part in any of Global Warriors activities, including Warrior Selection. Apart from that if you are fit and healthy there are no restrictions. Currently there are 3 persons over 60 years of age on the #Resolute Expedition.
  • How do we get to and from our embarkation and de-embarkation points?
    We advise and guide you but it is your responsibility to get there and pay for this. Should you require further accommodation either side of the dates given then again we advise you but it is your responsibility to sort and pay for any extras. For funded participants we will arrange everything.
  • Do you have an outline of the legs?
    Yes please find a table of the expedition legs, below: #Resolute Expedition – Outline Itinerary Leg One - Svalbard to Plymouth £14,000 - 22 days 25th June - 16th July You will join Linden at Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway Sailing across the Barents Sea via Bear Island to Tromsø Through the Lofoten Islands - and then going inshore to Harstad and Bodø Along the Norwegian coastline and then directly across to anchor in the Shetland Islands, Scotland Sailing down the eastern coast of Scotland and England to London Here there will be a launch event to celebrate the inaugural voyage Around the southeast coast and along the southern coast to Plymouth Here we will meet the scientific partners and pick up the scientific equipment and Ice Warrior’s freight bound for Resolute Bay, Canada Leg Two - Plymouth to Reykjavik £8,000 - 11 days 17th July - 27th July There will be a launch event marking the start of the official scientific endeavour leaving Plymouth along the Cornwall, Wales and through the Scottish islands, stopping at the Faroe Islands and ending in Reykjavik, Iceland Leg Three - Reykjavik to Nuuk £10,000 - 12 days 28 July - 9 August - 13 days Through and around the southern coast of Greenland Leg Four - Nuuk to Nuuk £18,000 - 31 days 10 August - 10 September Awaiting a weather window to cross Baffin Strait along the top of Baffin Island and into Lancaster Sound and Resolute Bay, Canada and return to the west coast of Greenland Leg Five - Nuuk to Upernavik £9,000 - 10 days 11 - 20 September Along the west coast of Greenland via Disko Bay Leg Six - Upernavik to Narsarsuaq £8,000 - 10 days 21 - 30 September Exploring Greenland Coast - exact port calls will be according to weather conditions Leg Seven - Narsarsuaq to Reykjavik £8,000 - 9 days 1-9 October Exploring Greenland Coast - exact port calls will be according to weather conditions Leg Eight - Reykjavik to Plymouth £8,000 - 15 days 10 - 24 October Via the Faroe Islands and through the Scottish islands, down the Welsh coast and around Cornish coast. Expedition Return Party in Plymouth PLEASE NOTE This is a real expedition and not an adventure holiday You have to be over 18 years of age All dates accommodate a contingency and are subject to weather and progress - updates will be given 3 weeks before and 1 week before embarkation Most costs are included when you are onboard. Costs which are not included:​ · Travel costs to embarkation ports - we help and guide you · Extra accommodation which may be needed whilst awaiting embarkation - we help and guide you · Personal insurance · Clothing & Equipment - a compulsory kit list will be sent to you on booking and branded merchandise will be available to purchase · Alcohol - which will only be consumed when in port · Snacks - which are available to purchase · Communication via ships satellite phone
  • How many legs does a funded place cover?
    Just one leg and we choose which one.
  • I have mental health problems - am I suitable?
    I'm really sorry but the nature of extreme expeditions can put you under huge stress, mentally and physically and therefore we cannot enrol those who have ongoing mental health issues.
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