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Warrior Way

Purposeful, Worthwhile Leadership & Team Training

Imagine training your people using methods which directly contribute to solving our climate crisis. Your team gathering vital ground-truthing data for our scientific partners.

Imagine taking your training budget and spending it not only on excellent developmental training but on something which benefits humanity.

Imagine the kudos and exposure your brand would achieve from being associated with Ocean Warrior.

Mother Nature Does Most of the Work

Learning how to survive and work in Mother Nature’s harshest conditions is wholly developmental. People become better human beings. Realising their potential, maximising their performance, getting the most from life at work and at home; making for a better future.

By training with us you will be directly contributing to our flagship expeditions - for the betterment of humankind and your brand will share our massive media exposure. All profits are reinvested in our endeavours.

From 1 day to 31 days
From an Individual to Whole Teams

Get in touch with Jim McNeill for a bespoke package for your corporation +44 777 565 1471

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