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Foundation I - Day Six

Hot Springs and Heavy Seas

Last night saw us anchor up and await the weather to return to the open ocean and so we awoke to be surrounded by glaciers dripping into the fjords and dark alpine peaks searing out of the ice. Beautiful.

After breakfast most people went ashore to see the the Troll and Jotun hot springs which are located along the Bockfjorden fault zone at 79°23’N which runs North-South along a major fault line and is reported as being the northernmost thermal springs documented on land. These tarentines were first described by geologists, Hoel and Holtedahl in 1911.

Once again however the presence of humans was marked by dreaded plastic, a cigarette butt and an old sole of a shoe. All the team did a beach clean and returned somewhat dismayed.

After a further lecture from Icarus on our findings from the CTD samples we took in the face of the glacier, the plan was to head out of the islands and back around the coast and start our southern return. But after hours of battling against tide and wind for numerous hours we were only progressing at 1.2 knots – hardly at all. 1st Mate, Sixten was on watch and in charge and at around 12:00 he decided enough was enough and beat a hasty retreat and sought shelter, very near to where we were earlier in the week.

Sam and I woke up with the turn around and went and had "midnight" tea with Rasmus and Louise and thanked the crew for trying.



Start: Bockfjordan 79.45ºNorth 13.22º East

Finish: Woodfjorden 79.41 North 13.42 East

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