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Foundation II - Day Eight

Huge excitement at breakfast as Anne spotted what she thought was a polar bear on the foreshore of Bjonhamna. We all rushed on deck to get a peak and then Ian realised it was a beautiful white Arctic Fox searching for food. I suppose we should have been disappointed, but we weren't.

At 09:00 we assembled on the bowsprit for an emotional and heartfelt ceremony to scatter the ashes of Ingrid's husband who had sadly passed away in March. The air was fresh, the sea still and the sun shone. I cannot think of a more fitting environment to say farewell.

Then as we got going we saw some whale activity.

We then motored down Templefjorden and to the front of Tunabreen and Von Postbreen - spectacular.

As we approached the glacier edge we could see the enormity of ice. Huge ice cliffs ranging in colour from brilliant white to cobalt blue with a dusting of soot grey, here and there.

We turned and hoisted the sails in the hope that we'd catch some wind, but it was not going to happen, so motored south to start our journey back to civilisation.

Our plan was to anchor overnight at Gåsøya (Goose Island) but when we reached there the wind had got up so we continued on to Skansbukta for the night. It looked completely different from 4 days ago. Now coated in fresh brilliant white snow, we had no idea of what fate had in store for us.........

We ended the day with a hugely entertaining Quiz Night, thanks to Lucy and fantastically mastered by Chris with his TV Control microphone.



Start: Bjonahamna 78.39º N 16.85º E

Finish: Skansbukta 78.52º N 16.03º E

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