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Foundation II - Day One

Updated: Oct 14

Sailing Away

We were delayed awaiting the arrival of our second captain Nikolai Andersen who had got lost in the SAS flight system somewhere but popped up to meet us at 14:00. It was great to meet him in person and have him aboard. Rasmus gave a talk about safety and basic sail systems. During the delay we all busied themselves learning about the ship and the sails in readiness for departure.

Eventually we set sail at 15:00 and Sam and Lucy had a go at helming en route to our destination for the evening, Trygghamna, with Lukas providing guiding instruction.

Sam commented in her diary “In my wildest dreams and for the best part of 52 years I have had no desire to be on a sailing ship; especially not a tall ship. I was a bone fide land lubber and mountain girl. Now I’m absolutely loving it!!”

The 10th September saw us say goodbye to:

Icarus Allen

Richard Painter

Steve Walker

Sean O’Brien

Andy Moorhouse

Jamie Lafferty

Eddie Devlin

Sixten Hüllert – 1st Mate

ProCrew were staying onboard: Captain Rasmus, Lisa, Titi, Harley, Hannah and Lukas

Sam and I, Ian and Anne and Lucy were also staying onboard

And warmly welcome:

Ingrid Lewis – retired Bay of Colwyn, Town Manager

Keith Bevan – retired Engineer and Lecturer

Jenny Whelan – Detective Sergeant in London’s Metropolitan Police

Olivia Sadler – Illustrator and Digital Graphics guru from the USA

And Henri-Lloyd bursary winning, Chris Barrett – Irish Photographer and Adventure Instructor

Captain Nikolai Andersen – from Norway


Start: Longyearbyen 78.22º N 15.60º E

Finish: Trygghamna - Harrietbreen 78.26º N 13.72º E

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