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Foundation II - Day Seven

We were raring to go ashore today and get onto the spectacular Nordenskiöldbreen.

Titi and Lisa came with us and drove us to the beach where there was a beautiful wooden hut belonging to a local tour company - what a place to stay in such comfort too. We couldn't get inside but we had a good look.

I led the team up a set of moraine hills at the left hand flank of the glacier as you looked at it from the ocean. It was quite tricky picking a suitable pathway but we made it to the ice after about an hour of climbing. On the way up we came across nine Ptarmigan just sitting there curious as to what they were looking at - beautiful, comical birds.

The crew loved it - standing on their first glacier. Photos were posed. Sponsors flags and banners paraded. A good time had by all. I wanted to choose a different way down but after having recced some of the route I decided discretion was the better part of valour and retraced our steps.

It was great to get some walking in.

It was also Lukas’ Birthday – a grand 20 years old! So we had a celebratory late lunch, up anchored and then made our way down Billefjorden and around into Templefjorden. On route we came across a very sad sight. What seemed like a huge number of dead birds floating on the ocean. Please watch the video interview with Ian, for an explanation.

After dropping anchor at Bjonhamna we dined on fish’n’chips followed by more birthday celebrations and presents. The ProCrew had bought him an enamel mug and we, a tee shirt – both from Pyramiden and both bright soviet red with the moto миру мир or peace to the world. Make of that what you will……

Finale for the evening was a hugely contested card tournament arrange by our resident Expedition Entertainments Officer, Lucy Reynolds.



Start: AdolfBukta 78.66º N 16.87º E

Finish: Bjonahamna 78.39º N 16.85º E

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