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Foundation II - Day Three

After breakfast we split into two teams and were straight out onto the ribs. One was dedicated to measuring the ocean with our super Valeport SWiFT CDT Plus, getting a profile of the ocean perpendicular to the front of the magnificent Borebreen, and the other, to surveying the waters and ocean depth around an area marked as unsurveyed on the chart. Rasmus was keen to do this wherever he could, so that he could identify alternative anchorages and perhaps routes through shallow waters.

In the absence of Icarus (our scientist on the first leg of Foundation Expedition) I placed my “former scientist” hat on and took charge of the CTD work, whilst Lukas, along with his Garmin Striker to plot the depth, took charge of the other rib.

We both measured for about an hour and half, came back to Linden for a comfort break and a hot drink, swapped over teams and functions and went out measuring and recording for a further hour, or so. It was an absolute delight to be doing something constructive and helpful in such amazing environs, dodging around the grounded bergs that had recently carved from Borebreen.

This was practicing the whole purpose of Ocean Warrior and to demonstrate and feel what this was going to be like as an experience for Ocean Warrior Crew on the future Resolute Expeditions, was incredibly useful for me.

Scientifically speaking, it was also very interesting looking at the depth profiles and where the layers of chlorophyll a and temperature and salinity were and how it changed with distance from the front of the glacier as a result of fresh water running off and other factors.

After lunch we up-anchored and left Borebukta and continued our journey north and east for about 5 hours, arriving in Mudderbukta, part of Ekmanfjorden – so called because of the extraordinary red and muddy colour of the water, caused as a result of the silt running off the Devonian red sandstone mountains. There was very little wind, so we unfortunately had to use the engine.

The situation was beautiful if a bit overcast with a mountain called Koloseum (for obvious reasons) to our west and a range of red mountains including Kapitol, Garboragnuten, Syningen and the triangular topped, Kota, towering over us to the east.

We nestled by an island called Coraholmen which is famed for its wildlife; reindeer, polar bear and sea birds.

In the evening, Ian gave a wonderful talk about his time filming wildlife in Antarctica and especially the Wandering Albatross which he became enormously fond of.



Start: Borebreen 78.40º N 14.16º E

Finish: Mudderbukta 78.68º N 14.79º E

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