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Foundation II - Day Two

Updated: Oct 22

This morning was beautiful weather - too perfect, actually, for immersion survival training. But we did it with gusto.

Lucy and Sam said they felt like "old hands" and led the way, leaping boldly into the frigid water of Trygghamna, setting a great example. Unlike Foundation I there was little or no current and once they were all in the water they formed a cohesive line; and then a circle. Having demonstrated huge prowess, each climbed back onboard and warmed up with a coffee as Rasmus took us further into Trygghamna and Harrietbreen.

We made a packed lunch got into the rib and went ashore to find fossils. This we were hopeless at and I think we all came to the conclusion that there were none - perhaps it was one of Rasmus ruses to get us off the boat!

Grand drone video courtesy of Chris Barrett.

Having got back onboard we motored around the coast and north, into Borebukta and anchored 1 kilometre from the magnificent face of Borebreen. Lots of carving activity and associated floating ice.

After supper we were entertained by another "secret" guitarist, Jenny Whelan and had a great little sing-a-long.


Start: Trygghamna - Harrietbreen 78.26º N 13.72º E

Finish: Borebreen 78.40º N 14.16º E

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