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Funding Your Journey

At Ice Warrior, participants have been successfully raising money to take part for 22 years. Well over 450 of them, so far. The amount they have to raise, even in bad times has been up to £25,000 and still they manage it. This makes becoming a real modern-day explorer genuinely accessible by anyone, not just the monied few. But that is not to say it is easy.

It takes time, effort and resolve and needs commitment.

With regards to Ocean Warrior, we have not chosen the 10 free places yet but even if you are lucky enough to get one you will need to show willingness and be an ambassador for your Warrior expedition.

So I have now created a free course which is for everyone who wants to participate.

This is the most boring course I take! But essential! And we know it works. It is intensive and you will need to take your own notes so bring a notebook and pen/pencil. I will provide my notes and all the materials on a shared drive.

For those who cannot make these dates we are going to try and record it - let us know if you want the recording.

Details are:

Venue: Methodist Hall, Princetown, Devon.

Dates: Same course - two dates.

Course 1. 25th March 2023

Course 2. 15th April 2023


10:00 hrs to 16:00 hrs

Cost: please bring a cash donation towards the venue - suggest £5 each


10:00 Introductions

What do I know?

Explanation of Global Warrior, Ice Warrior's #LastPole and Ocean Warrior's #Resolute Expedition

11:30 Coffee break


Your Story - Style

13:00 Lunch - please bring your own or there are 2 cafes and 3 coffee shops and a Londis within metres of our venue.

What people buy


Actions - Step-by-Step

Round Up

16:00 Farewells!

Please book your slot by contacting asap - we think they are going to fill quickly.

Best wishes and hope to see you there.


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