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Last Chance to catch the Foundation Expedition II

We're all getting super excited here. Hugely expensive and state-of-the-art scientific gear is arriving - some of which would suit a James Bond movie, I reckon. Tutorials on how to use the stuff are being undertaken and undertaken again, and again until they are finally absorbed.

I'm trying to fathom (if you excuse the pun!) how to piece together a descent filming rig for my DSLR and work out how to use it. Other bits of kit include: 360 cameras, action cameras, waterproof housings, poles, boom mics, headphones, fluffy dead wombats, blimps and cables to beat the band! All arriving and being carefully prepared and packed along with all the SD micro SD, CF cards and a zillion terabytes of storage.

Meetings are being had over how we might start doing things - protocols to try, procedures to trial and methods to think about.

All the while dealing with sponsors needs and potential sponsors proposals, paperwork and promotions.

It's great! The frenzied actions before the start of an expedition. I love it because when the expedition starts EVERYTHING becomes much simpler and life calms down.

There are still two places available for anyone wanting to join us on the second leg 11-20 September - but hurry I'm pretty sure we will fill them. Contact me direct on +44 777 565 1471

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