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NEW! Revised Itinerary & Pricing


This is the first year of an eleven-year project to find out exactly what is happening to our oceans in places seldom, if at all, visited by scientists.

The scientific value of repeated journeys cannot be underestimated in these times of climate change. We are measuring, benchmarking and monitoring year-on-year.

The more people we have on the SV Linden, the more data we can gather, the more significant that data becomes and the more lives we connect with for the better.

I want to fill ALL the places set aside for participants. That’s 18 on each leg.

So, having just secured our first major sponsor it is my hope and belief that other major sponsors will follow, and we will be able to subsidise more people to participate. More people to take real climate action. Hopefully, more free places.

In the meantime (and this is a huge personal commitment) I’ve decided to drastically reduce the cost of each passage.

Making it easier for those who can pay their passage,

Making it easier for those who want to raise the funds through sponsorship. (I will teach you how).

I want to fill the boat for the next eleven years and that starts this year.

Together, we can do this……..please help.


I think I’ve just made the #Resolute Expedition an even more exceptional opportunity to immerse yourself in Mother Nature and get in touch with yourself.

Why don't you become an Ocean Warrior.

I look forward to hearing from you. Jim McNeill

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