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Revised Itinerary for 2023

As an explorer, whenever you set your stall out and tell everyone about your intentions and plans you never quite know whether it is going to go according to plan. In fact most of the time it doesn't and this year in no exception. I thought, when I launched Ocean Warrior in January that we would have enough time to tell the world, sell all the places onboard and get the wonderful SV Linden equipped with all the technology and scientific apparatus necessary to achieve our aims. I was wrong. So, like all good plans I've changed them!

SV Linden in Longyearbyen harbour
SV Linden - awaiting your arrival in Longyearbyen

So the new plan for this year is to have a year of preparation - Ocean Warrior's #Foundation Expedition.

Between 1-10 September and the 11-20 September we will be circumnavigating the archipelago of Svalbard twice - going to places other vessels never reach. Our aim is to test all the scientific equipment, methodologies and protocols, test the communications technology and formulate strategies and test the team who will be telling the stories of all aboard.

We will have some very special people onboard including Ian McCarthy - Naturalist and EMMY and BAFTA award winning BBC cameraman - a great raconteur who in my opinion should have taken over from Sir David Attenborough! He will be accompanied by his lovely wife, Ann, an ex-Senior BBC Production Manager who will be helping us to organise all the logistics.

Ian McCarthy - extraordinary naturalist & BBC cameraman
Ian McCarthy - extraordinary naturalist & BBC cameraman

I will be blogging about other exciting crew as we confirm them but suffice it to say we will have a leading scientist or two, a technology wiz, may be a celebrity and of course Sam who will be heading the Digital Content team and myself - probably getting in the way!

There is still the opportunity for you to come on board as well! The cost is £5,000 which includes all ship accommodation, meals, soft drinks but does not include flights to and from Longyearbyen and your own insurance - details are HERE .

If you are interested let me know soonest because I think we will fill up fairly quickly and I would not want to disappoint anyone.

2024 will see the start of the #Resolute Expedition series as originally planned.

As ever, any questions please don't hesitate to contact me or +44 777 565 1471 (I'm in England on BST).

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