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The Amazing Experience

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

The sailing vessel Linden is a real “Ocean Warrior” expedition “Baltic Trader” sailing vessel. She is a traditional double skinned (3” thick larch planked), “copper bottomed” three masted sailing schooner….this type of Schooner would have traded world wide up until the 1930s. The SV Linden captures this spirit today.

She was hand built on a massive scale by shipwrights of the museum community of the Island of Aaland in Finland and launched in 1993. Although she has the highest safety classification, as you walk on board you relax; enter a beautiful and warm saloon and all accommodation is air heated throughout. You are comfortably warm and dry regardless of the arctic and ocean elements outside. The accommodation is roomy and hospitable, fully fire protected and with secure hold doors to provide safe compartments. Explorers have comfortable bunk beds in cabins of 4 with en-suite facilities and around the ship there is time and space to reflect. But outside you are sailing pure - around the clock - with sails raised and furloughed by hand in 3 watches you are contributing to the passage whether at 8 knots in fine weather or sneaking into bays for overnight anchorage…. All done by sail.

Whilst on passage the ships routine allows for training, scientific work as well as sail and watch keeping. The helm is a large wheel in the open at the stern so you experience the elements and the beauty of the oceans as only a traditional wooden ship can offer. Whilst at sea one detoxes physically as well as emotionally and can then enjoy a fresh beer whilst at anchor, fishing and eating from the smokery on deck, or from the professionally staffed galley or on shore whilst on expedition. During hard weather the Schooner can steam at 6 knots on engine power and the resources on board are powered by generators and auxiliary back up systems. Modern life and machinery supports the pure joy of slipping anchor by sail and heading off silently on the passage without a footprint.

Although the SV Linden is good for the soul and will voyage throughout the extreme Northern Arctic to the remotest of destinations you are in the hands of the most experienced Captain and Officers. Captain Rasmus Jacobsen’s philosophy is that of “self help” and as you arrive on board explorers will be welcomed by possibly one of the kindest persons they will have met. The Captain has been with the Schooner since 2000 and apart from expeditions he has mentored many youngsters from the edges of society whilst at port in Copenhagen and at sea.

Rasmus’ support and coaching of explorers will ensure each member is certificated to STCW A V1/1-1 and 1-4 as a qualified competent crewman during the voyage and more importantly impart to all members of the team and crew a substantial sense of self reliance and well being.

With the Chief Mate and 3 Watch-keeping Officers leading the routine no one will be asked to operate un-safely or beyond their ability, it is not a boot camp but a true expedition to discover and monitor that part of our planet most stressed by climate change - the Arctic and Ourselves.

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