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Plastic Polluted Ocean

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Why Warrior?

“A modern-day warrior is not about war.

Is not about building armies and conquering nations.

Is not about aggression and domination.

A modern-day warrior is about the person.

Honesty, integrity, empathy, intelligence, courage, tenacity, resolve. Quietly solid.

A modern-day warrior is about purpose.

And there can be no better purpose than our guardianship of the planet we live on - our existence and survival as a species amongst all species.

We are a fundamental part of natu­­­­­re and our need is to understand, constantly learn and develop in conjunction with every other species on Earth.

The problem we face is not about “saving the planet” - the planet will go on.

It is about saving life on Earth.

We are supposed to be intelligent.

Let’s use that intelligence for the benefit of all - before it is too late”.

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Corporate Sponsorship

In an era where every corporations' credentials and actions are being examined, choosing the right cause to invest in has never been more important.

With unique and creative activations, sponsoring Global Warrior provides brands with:

  • Exposure

  • Value of Association

  • Commercial Return

  • Longevity and Legacy


Contact Jim for the Sponsors Deck.



Support a Crew Member

Your donations allow us to recruit adults who would not normally get the chance to take part in this life-changing, developmental cause. Braving Mother Nature, potentially at her worst, makes for a much more balanced soul.

See what Ice Warrior can do for people. It's the same for Ocean Warrior.

Adults with unprivileged backgrounds can apply for funding to take part, thanks to your kind generosity.

Crowd of People

Join Our Clan

Follow our story

A huge part of our motivation is to engage others who maybe feel they cannot help with climate change. Just by following the stories of these ordinary people you will learn about climate change, see our discoveries and watch people develop into fantastic members of society. There will be peaks and troughs of emotion, moments of euphoria and of desperation, sad and happy tales as they unravel. We will tell these warts-an-all - so please do join our audiences on social media and watch out for Jim's public talks.

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