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Exploring the Oceans: A Vital Mission Powered By The Wind
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"I have witnessed, first-hand, changes in the Polar Region for 38 years. It is my belief that we don’t have an effective, real-time means of “taking the pulse of the planet” in these regions and if we are to be real guardians of our planet and ecosystem, we need to benchmark what is happening, further our understanding of the complex processes involved and continually monitor them.


In the last 22 years, my project Ice Warrior has trained over 450 novices, conducted 7 major expeditions, and been cited in leading scientific publications and magazines around the globe for our contributions to science.


During this time I’ve been lucky enough to put together a powerful body of prominent, leading scientists, advisers, and organisations to help us gather critical data so that decisions about our future, our direction, our civilisation can be made with intelligence and security. And in a timely fashion.


Now, we have expanded to Global Warrior and are including ocean, desert, mountain and jungle environs.


This will be the most extensive, comprehensive ground truthing of our planet.


Those undertaking these explorations and working alongside professional oceanographers are ordinary, everyday people from all corners of the globe and all echelons of society. We as a species thrive when we have a sense of purpose. We also acknowledge and applaud those within our own communities who seek to better themselves for good cause. Each of these participants has a human story to tell. One that captures the imagination and following of a fervently interested audience who then champion our cause for us and, in turn, learn about and respect Mother Nature, themselves. It’s a win-win.


Now, with Ocean Warrior, we have the expansion plan, we have the scientists and supporters, we need you to help us."

Jim McNeill - Explorer and Founder of The Global Warrior Project

Resolute Expeditions
2024 to 2034

A repeated expedition from Svalbard to UK to Iceland to Greenland and Canada and return - each year for 10 years.





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Nautical Miles


Science &

Citizen Science 

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Each Year

Why are Our Oceans Are
So Important?

Without oceans we would not exist

Life Onboard

Life is all about experiences, skills and knowledge. This high latitude exploration has plenty of all.

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